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A.U.D.R.E.Y. - On-Demand Business Intelligence & Analytics Reporting

Tired of spending so much time running production & financial reports?

With AUDREY, you'll have the reports you need ready and waiting for you in your email inbox whenever you choose.

AUDREY (Automated Up-to-date Data Reports Emailed to You) is an easy-to-use, automatic report scheduling plug-in. It works with our Metfin and Metfab software packages and takes up next to no space on your hard drive.

AUDREY is user-friendly and a snap to learn - just select the reports you want to run, decide when and how often to run them, choose who to send them to, and you're done! Your reports are emailed to you and everyone else on your contact list automatically, complete with charts and graphs. And they're in PDF format, so they're easy to view, print, and share with your co-workers, clients and customers.

Save precious time and resources while eliminating repetitive tasks. Schedule your reports to run any time of day or night, while you're on your computer or away from your desk. With AUDREY, it's easy to get the information you need, when you need it.

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Start a Free 30-Day Trial now!


Start a Free 30-Day Trial now!


Start a Free 30-Day Trial now!


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