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The Cloud Connections

We have more good news for users who are currently employing for their online (cloud-based) CRM solution. Having the ability to deploy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions on global scale with minimal up-front investment Salesforcedotcom has many advantages. However, the vast majority of the businesses using mission critical applications to manage their business are still depending on internal network back-end applications to carry out the brunt of the daily workload.

The reasons for maintaining control of critical applications internally are quite easy to understand: 1) Data security concerns 2) Availabiblity of critical data and 3) Business continuity. To see more reasons, click here for the complete text of the white-paper on cloud computing risks.

Regardless of the reasons for maintaining internal business applications or to deploy cloud-based applications, we recognize the needs and the advantages each environment has to offer.

The GoldenCloudBridgeTM Services & Applications

As such we have developed and made available several add-on, plug-in applications to help you bridge this gap and connect the two worlds seamlessly. By using these add-on modules you will be able to synchronize any piece of data of your choosing, back-and-forth, between your cloud application and your protected internal application automatically and securely.

These add-on utilities and services will truly provide you with the options and flexibility to leverage the advantages of each environment and to help you better manage your business now and well into the future.

To learn more about these add-on applications such as SFDCSyncUtil, AUDREY, ACHExportUtil, or GoldenCloudBridgeTM, send us an email or call (508) 754-6868. We will be able to assist you in selecting the right solution for your business.

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