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No More Paper,No More Envelopes,No More Stamps,Batch Send Invoices Via Email

In these tough economic times, finding ways to get the most out of your system to save time and money is critical.

One of the ways that we found helpful for our clients is the ability to send invoices to their customers via email. Sending one invoice at a time as a PDF email attachment,( which is part of the standard feature of our system ), is adequate but still very time consuming. At the very least, sending invoices electronically saves paper, ink and toner and reduces wear and tear on printing equipment. It certainly saves envelopes, stamps and a lot of your time.


With a new add-on Batch Email Invoices (BEIT) module, being able to setup customers with designated accounts receivable email address once, and have the system automatically email invoices to those customers can cut the processing time in half when compare to sending them individually.


It also reduces data entry errors compared to typing in email addresses repeatedly for each invoice. Having invoices received by the customers sooner, should help with cash flow. And we all know what that extra in-flow of cash can do to our business don't we?

Depending on your current version, adding this new module is straight forward. We just need to add a few new fields to your existing customer list to allow designated accounts receivable email addresses. Email software needs to be installed on a machine with internet access. BEIT runs in background and automatically processes all the invoices in the queue without taking up many resources. There will be reports available to show status of invoices sent and highlight any that did not go through properly.


From the stand point of your invoicing procedure the only change would be to add an invoice to batch instead of printing one invoice at a time. Once the invoice batch has been processed, simply print out the entire batch. Customers that are not configured to receive invoices via email will have their invoices printed normally.



With enhancement such as this to improve your overall internal processes and procedures, your business not only reaps the immediate benefits but will be better positioned long term when market conditions improve.

If you are interested in having this Batch Email Invoices (BEIT) module added to your system please send us an email to or give us a call @ (800) 680-2474.

As always we appreciate the opportunity to serve and we look forward to providing you with cost effective software solutions to help you meet your business objectives.

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