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Per-Incident Support Service

This plan is designed for customers who do not have monthly support service contract but have the need for occasional technical support requests. Under this plan you only pay for the service that you need. With a minimum of $95 per incident, you will have access to one of our support specialists who will work with you closely to address your technical needs.

Even if you are currently not enrolled in one of our support service plans, you can still find the answer to your questions or request by taking advantage of our Knowledge Base search. There is no charge to use our KB Search service which contains the most up-to-date articles and solutions to commonly asked questions and is available 24/7. We highly recommend this FREE service as the first step in troubleshooting any technical problem that you may encounter.

After you have tried our free service on our web site and still would like to receive technical assistance from one of our support specialists, the next step is to email our tech-support center at and submit your request. Please include as much information in your email as possible as this will expedite your request and will reduce your support cost.

Upon receiving your request, we will assign a tracking action number and provide an estimate of how much it will cost to complete the task. Prior to working on your request, we ask that you click on the purchase link below and pay the amount quoted using PayPal or by credit card. Once we receive notification that the payment has been made, we will contact you and make arrangements to carry out the support work you have requested.

  • No Monthly Support Fee.
  • Access To Web Knowledge Base Search.
  • Standard Response Time - Customers With Monthly Support Contract Have Higher Priority.
  • 30-Day Limited Warranties on Work Performed.
  • Remote Connection Is Available With A Connection Fee.
  • No Discounts For Add-On Features.
  • No Software Upgrade Discounts.
  • On-Site Service Is Available Upon Request.

Click here to purchase Per-Incident Support

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